The 2999 Project

In 2010, the canadian music label Peppermill Records started The 2999 Project, that should bring together music and fine arts. Each musician was introduced to one fine artist. As a musician, it was my task to imagine the development of mankind in the next 1000 years and express my vision in the form of electronic dancemusic. This resulted in a piece of music and a written text, that contained my vision (see text on the right). I sent these to the Russian graphic artist Alexander Utkin, who was assigned to me.

Alexander Utkin designed a cover art, that pictured my vision (see figure on the right).

The final work Steel God Creation was then published by Peppermill Records (later King Deluxe).


At the beginning of the twenty-first century we created sentient machines, capable of developing themselves further. Social structures and governments as we know them today slowly perished as the machines ascended. At some point we lost control. The machines separated from us, became hostile and then literally bombed us back into the stone age. Then they vanished.

When they returned after decades the few surviving humans were torn apart in anarchy. The machines united humanity, with the intent to play god – thus adapted apotheosis. And we praised them, honored them – thinking we were the creation of the steel god.


Steel God Creation
Alexander Utkin
Digital painting